Power Management Units


Unmanned aerial vehicle electronics continue to evolve as mission profiles become more challenging and demanding. System power designers are being challenged to provide higher currents and multiple supply rails. New and innovative power supply systems are necessary to improve efficiency, ensure reliability, reduce weight, minimize heat dissipation and lower overall costs.

Gwynt PMUs provide the highest level of flexibility to meet your exact requirements.  We use a unique modular design and all secondary outputs are programmable. Drone manufacturers are being asked to provide redundancy for sensitive applications. ePropelled’s PMU has built-in redundancy for the platform and per output supply.

There is an optional Electronic Engine Starter (EES) function to use our starter generator to start an engine. Once the engine up to speed, the PMU delivers regulated voltages. If for any reason the starter generator stops working, a backup battery (optional) automatically comes online and provides the regulated voltages for a fixed duration depending on backup battery size. Units are lightweight, have forced air cooling and are highly efficient to minimize fuel consumption.

Analytic data is rapidly becoming critical to the operation of any system. The PMU has a Controller Area Network (CAN) and an RS-485 interface to the onboard avionics. ePropelled PMUs monitor and log every input and output, voltage and current level. Users can also set the warning levels for each output voltage and current levels. If the system ever reaches warning levels, it will send alerts to the controller. ePropelled customers can develop an application using our open API or use an ePropelled application.

The 3-Phase input can be either an AC or a DC source, and the output can have one primary voltage and up to three secondary voltage. The wide DC output voltage is flexible and can be configured at the factory.

PMU Features

  • One primary and up to three secondary outputs
  • High efficiencies of up to 96% load dependent
  • Data logging of all input voltages, output voltages, currents, various temperatures
  • Status reporting via software API
  • Built in redundancy at platform level and output DC level
  • Software and hardware alerts on any system level
  • Unique modular design to change factory default settings on any output to the required value

ePropelled’s Gwynt family provides complete power solutions for UAV applications. Our Starter-Generators produces 3-phase sinusoidal AC voltages that vary with RPM and load. These are converted to DC voltage output by one of our Power Management Unit (PMU) which uses active rectification and switching regulation to supply up to four DC voltages from the variable input.