UAV applications range from consumer to commercial to security applications.  Smaller drones rely on electric motors for propulsion while large models use internal combustion engines.  In all cases, cost and performance are critical issues to meet your customer’s applications.

Electric motors benefit from the significant performance improvements that ePropelled delivers.  Our technology improves motor performance allowing the manufacturer to reduce the cost and weight with smaller battery packs, extending range or a combination of both.

Gwynt means wind in Welsh. ePropelled’s innovation center is located in Cardiff, Wales.ePropelled’s Gwynt products address both electric propulsion and power systems for aerospace applications.

UAV Power Systems

Designers need to understand the trade-offs in starter generator specifications that will have a major impact on the success of their UAV.  Weight, operating temperature and efficiency have a major influence on performance parameters such as flight duration, payload, operating ceiling and range.  In addition, the starter generator must integrate with other electrical system components.

ePropelled’s Gwynt products are the most versatile starter generators in their category. Their slimline design boasts a patent-pending active air cooling system that allows it to operate in temperatures in excess of 200°C in certain applications. Our unique patent-pending adaptor allows bearing less mounting of the starter generator directly on to engines.

Gwynt Power Management Units (PMUs) provide the highest level of flexibility to meet your exact requirements. We use a unique modular design and all secondary outputs are programmable. Analytic data is rapidly becoming critical to the operation of any system The PMU has a Controller Area Network (CAN) and an RS-485 interface to the onboard avionics.

There is an optional Electronic Engine Starter (EES) function to use our starter generator to start an engine. Once the engine up to speed, the PMU delivers regulated voltages. If for any reason the starter generator stops working, a backup battery (optional) automatically comes online and provides the regulated voltages for a fixed duration depending on backup battery size. Our PMUs are designed to provide power over a wide RPM range. Units are lightweight, have forced air cooling and are highly efficient to minimize fuel consumption.

UAV Propulsion Systems

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Customized To Meet Your Requirements

Our series of starter generators can be customized to meet your exact application including low and very high power output options. ePropelled offers a range of electrical system components, such as PMUs, that are engineered to work with these starter generators.

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